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Galloway, Elland Bailey (c.1991–present). American graphic designer. Born in Georgetown Texas, graduated the Art Institute of Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design (2015). As a Freelance Graphic Designer, she creates all manner of Branding and Identity Design, as well as Web, Advertising, and Product Design (2015-present). Although she has accomplished all manner of works, she favors Film/Television Branding, Brand Merchandise Design and Packaging Design. 

She is a part-owner in the merchandising company Star Cadet. Clients include: Final Space (Adult Swim animated series), Destination Fear aka: Fear Gear (Discovery Channel), JSTU (YouTube), SoKrispy (YouTube), Edge of the West Land Company, Choclatique, Mantra Bakehouse, Sensory Lane, and The Snead Institute.

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